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Welcome to Trato app for the free smart guide and instant discounts, Trato app will provide you amazing deals all over the year such as: discounts, special offers and gifts. These deals have especially made for you in cooperation with biggest stores and prominent brand names worldwide. By Downloading the free App “Trato” on your mobile device, you can use the free smart guide at any time to reach any location easily. In addition to, the full data for shops, supermarkets, schools, clubs and many others things and places. To enjoy more benefits you can subscribe to “Trato Premium” upon an annual subscription fee, and you will receive amazing offers, instant discounts and electronic purchase vouchers.

Join Now :

  • Download the free App “Trato” on your phone mobile, to use the free smart guide at any time to reach any location easily. In addition to, the full data for anything such as shops, supermarkets, schools, clubs and many others things and places.
  • To enjoy more benefits, you can subscribe to Trato Premium with an annual subscription fee, and you will receive amazing offers, instant discounts and electronic purchase vouchers.
  • Trato premium will allow you to access (Trato Bank) section to receive the latest deals, and also will allow you access (Stores) section to be updated with the latest brand names that have joined to Trato’s world.

How to use :

  • Trato is a smart app, and all transactions will be done through the phone mobile.
  • Trato will send a clear notification to announce a new Deal/Trato. Also, you will find all your gifts, offers and discounts at (Trato Bank) section.
  • All the Deals/Tratosare valid till a year of the issuance date. Just click on the activation button, the store/outlet will send a code you can use immediately upon receiving it.
  • The code is used only once.
  • Each deal you will use will automatically move to (Used Cart) section.
  • Trato (Around Me) give you the chance to search any required place around you.
  • Trato (My Area) will provide you all the latest offers and discounts, even from stores and outlets that are out of our group.
  • This website is owned and managed by Fusion art labs.

تراتو TRATO

Terms & conditions of using our electronic services & the privacy policy

You must read the terms and conditions of using our e-Services and Privacy Policy. Children should refer to their parents / legal advisors before registering on this site / application and their parents / legal guardians should read and interpret how they apply to their children using this site / app. This site / app has the right to delete the account without notification of any member who has not reached the age of 21 if it is established that they registered without the knowledge of parents or legal guardians.

1- Prohibits in this site / App

  • Without prejudice to what is stated or will be contained in these terms and conditions The site does not accept the promotion of any products, goods, or counterfeit or reproduced materials or products that violate local and international laws or violate the laws of commercial fraud or local and international intellectual property rights. and the site clear its responsibility for it, Any person who proves that he is dealing with that is subject to legal prosecution, while retaining our right to stop any contrary account, and also be subject to legal prosecution.

  • The site’s policy prohibits the promotion of alcoholic materials, gambling, nightclubs and tobacco products, even if they are licensed under local laws. The site management has the right to stop any account that sells or promotes it.

2- Users categories for the site / app

  • Any of these categories can register for the site / application or make a contract with them and these categories are :

A- Sellers : They are the persons registered on this site / app for the purpose of promoting goods and products

B- Members: They are the people registered on the site / app to benefit from offers

C- Advertisers: They are the entities registered in this site / app or have agreements with the site / appmanagement for the purpose of advertising themselves for a fee on this site / app

3- The Terms and Conditions of use of the Site / Application and Privacy Policy apply to all user categories listed above as follows

3-1 Welcome to our online services through Trato site / app . You can use our free Trato directory to search for shops, restaurants and other goods and services according to your needs or view them on site / app according to the residence, work or other area. you can also benefit from Special “Trato” Deals and Discounts through the annual subscription as a User , special member, seller or advertiser in the Trato site / app

3-2 These terms and conditions control the use of our electronic services and privacy policy. The relationship between us (the site / application) and each user of the site / application (you) please read these terms carefully before starting to register and use the website / application. And that you agree to be commitment by them. If you disagree with these terms, please do not use the Services

3-3 Your use of the Site / App is also subject to our Privacy Policy. Which includes information about how we use your personal data

3-4 We may make changes to these Terms at any time by setting a modified terms on the Services, and you should check this page from time to time for any changes to these Terms. Your continued use of the Services after the announcement of any changes to these Terms constitutes acceptance of such changes.

3-5 These Terms apply regardless of the type of device you use to access the Services (including your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet).

4- Access to services

4-1 You are allowed to register and access the Site / App on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or modify the service we provide without prior notification. We are not responsible for the unavailability of the Services for any reason at any time and for any length of time.

4-2 You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements to access the Services, and you are responsible for knowing all the users using the Services (through your account on this Site / Application or your Internet Line) Their knowledge of with these Terms And their commitment to it.

5- Our content

5-1 All rights including but not limited to (intellectual property rights), copyrights, database rights and trademarks in the Services and their contents, whether audio, text, images, videos or otherwise "Content", are proprietary and licensed to us, This content is protected by copyright laws and agreements and intellectual property protection or any other laws around the world. All of these rights are reserved (applies to all categories user)

5-2 You agree to access the Services for personal use only and not for public or commercial use. You may not copy, publish or store in any facility , broadcast, transmit, retransmit, modify or publicly display to any part of the Content without our prior written consent. (Applicable to category A users)

5-3 You are authorized to use the Services for personal and non-commercial purposes, and you are not authorized to modify the Content or remove any copyright or any copyright notification contained in the Content (applicable to User Class A).

5-4 Comments and other content contained in the site / app are not intended to provide advice and reliance on them, so we do not accept any responsibility or liability that may arise from the reliance of a user on that content or any person receives this content (applicable to all user categories).

5-5 We may change the content at any time and as necessary, we may suspend or close access to the Services indefinitely . Content may become old for a time and we are not obliged to update that material (applicable to all user categories).

5-6 If you print, copy or download any part of the Services that violate these Terms, your right to use the Services stops immediately and upon our choice we will return or destroy any copies of such Materials without prejudice to any other legal rights we may have ( Applies to all user categories).

5-7 All trademarks, logos and registered trademarks of Trato are trademarks of the owners of the site / application whether registered or unregistered (applicable to all user categories).

6- Contributions / participations

6-1 Whether on your own initiative or upon your invitation to submit any contribution / participation, display or advertisement on our website / app including any text, images, videos or sound recordings, you and we are the owners of that content and grant us a permanent and non-exclusive right without claiming any rights to the author Worldwide, and authorize us to use, copy, modify, publish, translate and derivation of works from it including distribution, operation, presentation, communication with the public, exercise of all copyright and advertising rights in connection with that work and / or integration with other works in any media known or developed Later and throughout the entire period of the rights granted to such content, and if you do not agree to grant such rights to us, you must refrain from making any contributions to our services.

6-2 You are the only one responsible for any contribution / participation you make to our services, and making any contribution to our services means that you:

6-2-1 You pledge that such participation / contribution is your own business and that you have the right to submit it to us for use in all the above purposes

6-2-2 You agree to Give up any financial or moral rights in your contribution/ participation, offer or advertisement for the purposes of submission and publication on the Site / Application and for the use of all the above purposes.

6-2-3 Do not break any rights of the others or restrict or prohibit their use and enjoyment of the services

6-2-4 You agree that your use of the site / application and your participation / contribution, presentation or advertisement is legal and not prohibited and does not affect the security or public taste and does not promote any sectarian or partisan ideas or promotes any groups, does not cause harm or annoy others and does not contain any offensive materials or offensive to symbols or personalities or individuals or natural or moral persons or obstruct the normal dialogue within the services, and in case of your violation, we are not responsible for that, while retaining our right to pursue legal with our right to cancel or freeze your account or your ad

6-3 you pledge to abstain and not encouraging any other person to make or provide any content that:

6-3-1 May include or encourage Partialism and / or the use of unacceptable language , offensive, threatening, violent or intolerant (for religion, party, sect, group, race, sex, sexual orientation, origin, age, disability, physical or mental condition)

6-3-2 May include discussions that encourage, urge or provide harmful information in relation to criminal or illegal practices (including but not limited to pornography, explosives, weapons, violence, drugs, viruses, piracy, copyright violations, all rights Intellectual property).

6-3-3 Includes putting other website addresses containing material that infringes the private intellectual property rights or any other rights to third parties.

6-3-4 Constitutes a breach of any legal right of third parties such as contractual rights or confidentiality right

6-3-5 This includes exchanging phone numbers or home addresses, or harassing other users of the Services (either privately or in public forums).

6-3-6 Includes impersonating our employees, celebrities, or other personalities or persons.

6-3-7 Contains false or misleading facts

6-3-8 Includes actions that confusion or disrupt the effectiveness or stability of the security of the Services (including but not limited to viruses sudden failures, viruses, Trojan horses, or other forms of viruses).

6-3-9 Includes ads, offers, spamming, or unauthorized use of the Services.

6-3-10 Includes any signals that detract or Underestimate our ability and the value of our services or others or our products and services.

6-3-11 Contains any content that may harm us or others.

6-4 We make our own choice to identify any breach of the terms and conditions of use of our electronic services and privacy policy, we will take the actions which we see fit including:

6-4-1 Immediate or permanent withdrawal of your right to use the Site / Application and / or any of its components.

6-4-2 Alert you.

6-4-3 Taking legal action in response to compensation for all damages based on civil and criminal liability.

6-4-4 Take further legal action against you.

6-4-5 To disclose such information to the law enforcement authorities as necessary.

7- Disclaimer of site / Application Responsibility

7-1 We disclaim any responsibility for actions taken in breach of the terms and conditions of the use

of our electronic services and privacy policy. The procedures described in the above section are not restricted to us and we can take any other actions we see reasonably appropriate. Although we require from all users of site /app Commitment to these conditions, you acknowledge that other users may place material that you may consider offensive or inappropriate to your contribution/ participation , offer or advertisement within the Site / App. on our side we take no responsibility in the content that such persons place on the Services and such content does not reflect our views

7-2 We disclaim any responsibility for actions taken in breach of the terms and conditions of the use

of our electronic services and privacy policy. The procedures described in the above section are not restricted to us and we can take any other actions we see reasonably appropriate. Although we require from all users of site /app Commitment to these conditions, you acknowledge that other users may place material that you may consider offensive or inappropriate to your contribution/ participation , offer or advertisement within the Site / App. on our side we take no responsibility in the content that such persons place on the Services and such content does not reflect our views

7-3 We disclaim our responsibility For all that you may be exposed to as a result of your exchange of information with others through or from within the Site / Application Or establish relationships with them, including your transfer of funds to them or receiving funds from them ,We disclaim all responsibility for any discussion with any other user or group of users, whether private or public Those under the age of 21 must use these services with the consent of their parents or legal guardians, Parents or legal guardians of those under age of 21 must be aware of this and clarify that to them If you allow people under the age of 21 and have agreed to use a device to access, view or listen to the content of the site or application, you are the only one responsible for making decisions about the appropriateness of such content to your child and the consequences of this acceptance We advise parents or legal guardians who allow minors to use the services to communicate with them about the importance of safety and caution in using the Internet

8- Links

8-1 You may link to our homepage, if that you do so in a lawful and fair manner and in no way detr i mental to our reputation or exploitation However, you may not create that link in a way that indicates any participation, approval, or endorsement not found by us

8-2 You can’t create a link from any services that you do not own.

8-3 You may not place the Services for our site / app on any other service site, and you can’t create link to any part of the Services other than the Home Page. We reserve the right to withdraw any permission to create a link without prior notice.

8-4 When the Services include links to other sites and sources provided by third parties, these links are provided for the purpose of viewing them only and we have no control over the contents of these sites or sources, and we take no responsibility for them or for any losses or damages that may arise from your using them.

9- Products and services we promote

We would like you to be aware that our site / application is a promotional medium and does not guarantee the quality of the services or goods and materials that are offered to us and you are not guaranteed that it is available to sellers or advertisers, and the site / application is not responsible for it and does not give you any warranty, you have the right to refer to the advertiser or the seller for such services, products and materials. However, you have the right to inform us of any problems you may have to exclude or stopping Any bidder or advertiser on our site / app if it is proven to us that the offers they made are not serious, or that it offers or sells services or goods or counterfeit or prohibited materials

10- Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Egypt.

11- Egypt is our country of domicile.

12- Minors under the age of 18 shall are prohibited to register as a User of this website and are not allowed to transact or use the website.

13- If you make a payment for our products or services on our website, the details you are asked to submit will be provided directly to our payment provider via a secured connection.

14- The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.

15- We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in EGP (or any other agreed currencies).

Contact us:

If you have any Queries or questions about any material appearing on thewebsite / application, please let us know via our customer service. If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy please contact us by e-mail info@tratoweb.com

Thank you for visiting the site / application and knowing and accepting these terms and conditions.
Physical Office Address (12 Ahmed zaki street –Heliopolis -Egypt)
Landline Number (+202-22600227 - +201024286664)
Email Address info@tratoweb.com

Delivery/Shipment Policy

  • (Trato) will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of Egypt.
  • Multiple transactions may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s monthly statement.
  • Privacy Policy

    The following is the privacy policy for using our services (site / app), which applies to any information we provide or collect through the Site and / or any application of it, including mobile application and tablet of the site, or any other application in any Social networking site or any other site. We care about the confidentiality of your informations and make it our top priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data

      1. In general: we receive and store any information you provide on our website / application or otherwise. Including data that can be used to identify your "personal data", including your first name, last name, phone number, mail addresses, e-mail, and data for your Location "Data location". We can also request data on your preferences and some necessary data (especially for Merchants). In general most of informations we ask is necessary to sign up as a member of the site / app, merchant or advertiser, participate in a poll, contest, draw prizes, ask a question, or start other transactions on our site / app. We may also occasionally obtain your personal and non-personal data in a lawful manner through our affiliates, partners and other sources from other independent parties, and we add them to our account information. Examples of information we may receive include: the data of goods purchased through the site / app, the places visited, and the Posts contributed by. We also automatically collect certain informations from your device when you visit our site / app; for example, We collect the IP address, the type of browsing tool such as (Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer) and the site that you came from We may also collect information about your online activity such as the products and services reviewed and the purchases you have purchased Our goal of collecting this automated information is helping us customizing your site / application experience and prevent fraud and manipulation
      2. Social media: If you use any social networking features on our site / app Social Media: If you use any social networking features on our site / app or otherwise through a social media provider, we may access your information through a social media provider in accordance with its policies For example we may offer you the option to register in our website / our app via Link to allow you to register on our site / app using your account data on your account account "Facebook/ Twitter/ google" "Facebook/ Twitter/ google" And without having to manually enter data on our site / app. When you use a social networking feature and your choice to include this feature in your social networking account, we can access information such as your name, profile photo, gender, date of birth, email, state, city, district or county you live in it, and any other information you choose to Make it available. Depending on your privacy settings and your friends, we may be able to access information you provide to social media service providers regarding your Location Data site to provide content that is right for you. Please note that site data may be shared with your friends on the social networking site in accordance with the privacy settings available on the site. We may also share information from social media service providers regarding your use of our site / app that is running on their site.
      3. How we use your data: We may obtain accurate information about you (such as credit card holder name, credit card number & expiration date), account number, bank name or financial institution for which the advertising campaign was paid or to subscribe to our services for the purpose of obtaining our services On our website / app. We use your information for general purposes that enable us to provide the products and services you request, to send notifications of your interests, to communicate with you in general, to respond to your inquiries and comments, to measure your interest in our products and services on our site / app And to encourage you to provide us with information through for example: opinion polls, Resolve disputes, collect fees or troubleshoot problems; prevent any illegal or prohibited activities that may occur, apply the Terms of Use and other purposes that have been clarified to you
      4. E-mail notifications: We want to keep you up-to-date on everything we have on our site / app through our mobile apps, and by doing so we send you emails containing information about what matters to you if you agree to receive marketing messages E-mails . When we send marketing emails we will committed with unsubscribe lists that is publicly available wherever it is a legal requirement You will be able to choose not to receive these emails in any mail
      5. Entities we may inform about your data and share your data with
        1. Service Providers Please note that these suppliers may contact you if necessary to obtain additional information about you or to respond to a comment you have provided. We notify suppliers of comments but without names, and will not share names with those who have left comments or contact information, unless they have requested us to do so. We are not responsible for those who may be identified by the content of your post and are contacting you directly.
        2. Any other service providers provide services on our behalf, such as business analysis, customer service, marketing, distribution of polls, competition programs, and cheating and fraud control. We may also authorize other service providers if necessary to collect information on our behalf . It includes running features on our site / app, or facilitating the transmission of ads related to your online interests. Other service providers may collect informations and may do this if it’s only necessary to perform their duties they will not be allowed to share or use the information for any other purposes they will be required to follow the same data security practices which we commit to . Please note that these other service providers may be located in countries that do not provide a level of protection for personal data equivalent to the level available in the country where you live in, However we seek to protect all personal data that we collect from you in accordance with strict data protection standards.
        3. Business partners are those who we offer products or services in collaboration with them, or we may display their products or services on our site / app. We may share informations that include your personal data. Please note that we do not control the privacy practices of these business partners
        4. Sites that transfer you to our site / app , If you were transferred to our site / application from another site (for example, via a link you clicked on another site), we may share some information about you with the site you are experiencing. You should review the privacy policies of any site that transfers you to us
        5. Social media Providers: When accessing specific social networking features through our website / application, you share your informations with a social media service provider such as "Facebook/ Twitter/ google" The informations you share will be subject to their privacy policies (including that we may access this informations through your social media provider). You may be able to edit privacy settings on these social media sites. so please refer to the social media site privacy policy for more informations If you link your account to our site / app on a site that provides social media services, such as linking with "Facebook/ Twitter/ google" We will provide informations on your use of our site on the social media, such as the points earned on our site / application, and the assessments published on our website / application. This informations may be published on the sites or services of the social media service provider. The informations available on the social media site will be related to the social media account that has been linked to your account on our site / app, You can choose to disable the automatic publishing of this informations in social media by editing the privacy settings in the social media sites, We will not provide social media sites with your account number or your informations on our website / app if you link your account on our site / app to a social media site We may share your user name and profile photo on the social media site with other members of our site / app. You can choose to disable sharing the informations indicated by editing the privacy settings on your social media site.
      6. Responding to a summons, court order or other legal process, demonstrating or exercising our legal rights; defending ourselves in the case of any legal claims, or in the case of any other legal requirement. In such cases we reserve the full right to abdicate any objection or right available to us
      7. When we believe that we must investigate, prevent or take legal action in respect of any illegal activities or suspicious activities or to protect and defend the rights, property and safety of our company or our website or our applications or our customers or others or with respect to our terms of service and other agreements
      8. With regard to any deal for the company Such as the liquidation or sale of a subsidiary Acquisition, merger, sale of assets or foreclosure Or when obtaining loans and facilities, as well as in case of bankruptcy of the company
    1. How to review and / or correct your data
      When submitting us your personal information on this site / application You agree that we may retain such informations We may continue to handle account information to meet the legitimate objectives of our business And the legal and regulatory obligations required from us as well as for records and analysis purposes. We apply strict technical standards to prevent unauthorized access to your account information . And if you do not wish to open an account or if you wish to communicate with us regarding any personal information not visible in your account you can ask us access to the information we have about you, delete, or modify by emailing us . You can also email us at the address below to request an explanation of how we treat your informations and to cancel your acceptance of handling your informations that was provided to us upon acceptance of our Privacy Policy.
    2. Your choices regarding the collection and use of your data
      1. As mentioned above, you may choose not to give us any informations by not registering on our website / application
      2. You can also add or update information and close your account
      3. When you register on the Site / App, you will be given the option to receive e-mails from us in addition to messages about products and services provided by third parties. Once you're registered, you can edit your selection at any time by signing in to your account. Whether you are registered or not we have the right to send you emails Includes service announcements and administrative messages, whether related to your account or transactions, without giving you the opportunity to refuse to receive them
    3. Cookies and other techniques
      Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit almost any site. Cookies do not identify you, they are files that do not harm your device. They are used by websites you visit to improve the user experience of the site / app, and provide us with analytics to help us improve our site / app in general, In all the information about the offers that interest you so that you see ads related to them. For example we use cookies on our site to allow you to sign in without having to type your name every time. Other cookies help us understand what you care about and what you do not care about on our site / app so we can provide you with the most important and useful features for you the next time you visit the site / app, and we and some of our partners use cookies on our site / app to measure The efficiency of advertising on the site and how visitors use the site
    4. using mobile app and tablet for our site "Smart devices applications"
      When you use our app on smart devices, we collect and use information about you in the same way and for the same purposes as when you use our site / app. In addition, we use some other informations that we collect automatically when you use our smart device applications. In particular the following
      1. We collect informations about how the procedures of the app that you enter and use is working This allows us to identify aspects of application that is interesting to our customers so that we can continuously revise and improve the application, but the informations we collect for this purpose does not enable us to identify you The app also sends a "device identifier number" It is a series of numbers or letters that ONLY YOUR DEVICE have we only use this when we open the app for the first time, to confirm to the marketing networks the number of downloads resulting from clicking on their ads and other marketing tools directly
      2. When you use the "Find one of your interests near to your current location" feature in the app, we use information about your current location - which we get from your phone and using geolocation techniques and similar technologies - to show you what's nearby. We will not collect site informations unless you explicitly click on the "Search near your location" feature, and you can close all site informations at any time by editing the settings menu on your device
      3. The app also sends us information about error reports in case the app crashes or stops working. This enables us to investigate the error and improve the stability of future versions of the application. The app sends us information about the type of device, its version, the device ID number, the timing of the error, the feature used at the time, and the status of the application at the time the error occurred, all of which is included in the error reports we receive. We do not use this information for any purpose other than investigating and fixing this bug. You can always control what type of information the app can send to us by changing your app settings, or changing your mobile device settings. You can also delete the app completely from your device
    5. Protect your data
      Be sure when you use our site / application that we are committed to protecting the information we collect. Although no mobile site or application can guarantee security when used, we have implemented certain appropriate administrative, technical and material security measures to help protect your personal information. For example only employees who are authorized to access your personal information can do so for licensed work only. In addition, we use secure technical means to transfer personal sensitive information between your system and our system, and we use security and intrusion detection systems to help prevent unauthorized persons from being able to access your information
    6. children privacy
      This site / app is directed to everyone in general, and there are no services specifically for children on our site / app. If we are certain that a child under the age of 21 has submitted any personal information to us without the approval of his or her parents or guardian we will delete this information immediately
    7. Other links
      If any part of this site / app references you to other sites, these sites are not subject to our privacy policy. We recommend that you review the privacy data posted on those sites to understand the procedures they use to collect, use, and disclose personal information
    8. Transfer personal data outside your country
      You must put in mind that all or some of the informations may be transferred, stored or dealt with in another country. The data protection law in this country may be different from your country's law, but be sure that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that your privacy is protected. When you use our services you understand that your informations may be transferred to our facilities and to third parties with whom we share informations as mentioned before in this policy.
    9. Make changes to your current privacy policy
      We may update the Privacy Policy in the future and notify you with the changes of the Privacy Policy informations by sending a notification to your email or by placing an immediate notice on our Site / Application. Your continued use of the Services after the announcement of any changes to this Policy constitutes acceptance of these changes
    10. All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties.
    11. The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore the Customers’ are encouraged to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted.
    12. Some of the advertisements you see on the Site are selected and delivered by third parties, such as ad networks, advertising agencies, advertisers, and audience segment providers. These third parties may collect information about you and your online activities, either on the Site or on other websites, through cookies, web beacons, and other technologies in an effort to understand your interests and deliver to you advertisements that are tailored to your interests. Please remember that we do not have access to, or control over, the information these third parties may collect. The information practices of these third parties are not covered by this privacy policy. Kindly remove any other statements that contradicts with the above statements.

    Refund Policy

    This document shows the rights of the customer , the rights of the application and the site of Trato, so please read it carefully to be aware of the method and procedure of dealing with us and to ensure your legal right, in case using any of the company services means full acceptance of the following conditions:

    1. The customer must provide proof of payment such as transfer receipts or photocopies in case of transfer through electronic banks when requested
    2. Electronic bank payment that supports recovery system is subjected of providing evidence to verify the source of the money and ensure its safety
    3. We activate the service provided to you after we have received the full payment within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the payment , in case we didn’t receive the full payment We apologize for not providing the service to the customer, and this means that the customer will pay the financial dues associated with the payment process, if there is any
    4. In case that the customer does not pay the amounts due, we have the right to stop any other service we provide to him, until all the dues are paid
    5. The customer will be e-mailed for the financial transactions before due date, the payment should be within 24 hrs at least before the due date
    6. If the customer delay the payment that is owed to the service provided to him for three days, the service is temporarily suspended. If the customer is delayed for a period of 10 days from the date of collection, the site is deleted from our servers. and the customer have no right to demand backup copy or return the service only after pay the demurrage they are identified by the sales team
    7. We guarantee the customer the right to refund the amount if the service is not activated within 48 hours for subscription services as a special customer. For ads in app or website, payments are not refundable as long as the advertisement is activated as agreed with the possibility of retrieving the amounts paid for any advertising campaign within (3) days of the date of the agreement not less than (15) days from the date of the advertising campaign required and Deduction of transfer costs, if there is any
    8. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.


    How to Use ?

    Run the Trato app, and stay online You will see instant notifications, for any special offer near you You can enjoy all discounts, gifts and offers for a year from the date of their issuance, just click on the button to activate the discount or offer request and it will be registered at the agency that announced it and you can get it upon your arrival with the code that was sent to you upon activation Any offer or discount is only obtained once through the code sent to you You can find out all the discounts and offers you have made throughout your subscription through your gift box. Enable Trato notifications, so you get instant alerts for special offers that you will see on the app screen

    How to Join ?

    Download the Trato mobile application for free, and start using the free guide to get the best offer in the place closest to you (club, restaurant, store, etc.) For exclusive and exclusive offers, subscribe to Trato's Premium, to get instant discounts throughout the year

    Premium Seller Features?

    Premium packages of in-app memberships Special control to be given to each Seller to control his account by himself in the app Designing and making ads in the application by himself Setting special offers and discounts by himself Provides a dedicated advertising design team for the seller to help him in making all the necessary details. Raising the posts and appearing on the main page of the client and interacting with them from the clients. Send notifications of new and exclusive offers *According to the contracted package

    Premium Buyer Features?

    Enjoy all offers and discounts on all exhibitors and sellers throughout the subscription period. Enjoy loyalty points and send offers as gifts to others